Just a Place

where I can talk about how I feel, about what's going on in my mind. A place where I don't need to edit anything, to censor anything, where I can say what's on my mind without having to wonder who's listening and without feeling the need to hide.

Who are you?

Feeling degraded. Chipped away at. Bit by bit. Until you no longer know yourself.

Look into a mirror. And see a stranger standing there. Only, it isn't a stranger. It's you. But you can't relate to the person there. Who are you?

You feel as though you've lost yourself. And you don't know where to go to find yourself again.

Search. Explore.

Where did you lose yourself? When? How?

Where are you now? Who are you? You've changed, you know. Do you want to find the person that you were? Do you want to find out who you've become.


You don't know where to look. And even if you did, you don't know if you'd want to see what's there.

What will you find? Who are you now?